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How to Increase Your Online Visibility

  • Apr 2016
  • Christian

Simple Effective Ways to Get Free BacklinksAccording to recent studies, around 50% of purchase orders, whether goods or services, start with submitting a query to a search engine. People also rely more and more on online reviews about a particular business and being available and helpful to your customers on ...

seo tactics

Things That Really Matter for Any Business’ SEO Strategies

  • Mar 2016
  • Christian

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the many ways of marketing on the internet and it is becoming synonymous with content marketing. How effective a business’ SEO is, depends on many different factors. At the end of the day, every online business, small or big, needs to have a ...


A Cloudbackup System for your Themes and Images

  • Jul 2015
  • Christian

 The themes and images that you design are valuable, and it is essential for you to save them as well as provide the best backup for all the effort that you put into creating them. The security of your online business data depends on the type of storage system that ...


Understanding Affordable Web Hosting for your Business

  • Jun 2015
  • Christian

 Making a decision regarding the right web host is important for your business. There are various factors you need to keep in mind when selecting a host and one of them is cost. It is possible to access affordable hosting while still enjoying quality services along with the features that ...


Company Culture Tips- Your Next Best Move Could Be a Hammock

  • Jun 2015
  • Christian

Well you definitely don’t hear that every day right? I mean what on earth does a hammock have to do with running a business and trying to make it successful?A few years ago, (hang with me), I was running a local start up with two friends and our main product ...