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The 7 Most Important Local SEO Decisions You Better Get Right Today

7 Tactics To Improve Your Local SEO & Search Rank: 1. Google Local Settings 2. Title Tags 3. Which Directories to Use 4. Getting Google +1’s and Reviews 5. Location, Location, Location (NAP on page) 6. Google Map 7. Mobile  When I started my business a while back, Google was still the search engine of choice, but utilizing PPC ads and some dated SEO ... Read more

How You Can Get Free PR for Your Small Business

   Free PR for Your Small Business Generating exciting free press for your business is absolutely possible. As you well know, starting and operating a business has many challenges, and maintaining a highly streamlined budget is one key component to success. Often times, every cent matters for a small business and startup. At the same time, spreading ... Read more

For Great Search Engine Rank in 2016: Do This

It is more important than ever to have an optimized website for both PCs and smartphones. If you are not utilizing your click-thru-rate (CTR), creating a fast responsive site, optimizing your site for mobile phones, and focusing on high quality natural links, you are most likely losing thousands of potential customers and sales to your ... Read more

5 SEO Tactics Dominating 2016 Now

  In the US alone, around twelve billion web searches are made on an average per month. This year, SEO has been gaining importance above everything else as it assists you in getting quality traffic, visibility, brand boost and credibility for the success of your business. The main reason you created this amount of quality content ... Read more

7 Effective SEO Tools to Aid Your Keyword Research

For successful marketing, it is important to invest in good keyword research as it happens to be at the very core of SEO practices and pay per click marketing on the internet. If you do not have the right keywords up your sleeve or are not bidding for the most optimal short or long tail ... Read more