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Defining SEO Today

Just read this post on SearchEngineWatch by Krista LaRiviere and wanted to pass it along. As SEO keeps changing and evolving, defining it has become somewhat of a challenge, but this should help. The way we market, sell and deliver SEO services has undoubtedly changed. Google's algorithm updates have made content marketing and social media the core ... Read more

Content Marketing- Finding Your Voice

As most of us know, producing content for our audience consistently is a challenge. We all know that the more quality content we publish, the more opportunities will arise to engage with our customers. Further, the more we can engage with our customers and prospects, the more we learn about our products and the more ... Read more

Top SEO Blogs that I Follow

 A fair amount of people ask me from time to time "What are your best SEO secrets?" or "Who do you follow or listen to keep current or up to date on SEO?" These are without a doubt great questions as SEO is a constantly changing and evolving world. So in this post I want ... Read more

The Evolution of Content Marketing

 A 1900 advertisement for Pears soap."Good morning. Have you used Pears' soap?"Most of us have probably never even heard this slogan or know what Pear's Soap is.  Thomas Barratt, the so called father of modern advertising scripted this copy and made this slogan quite famous in London back in the late 19th century.  Soon enough ... Read more

Penguin 2.0- What to Expect in SEO Market According to Google

OK, everyone, as I am sure most of you read the news earlier this week, Google has updated its Penguin algorithim.  For an overview of what to come, please watch this video which features Matt Cutts from Google What To Expect From SEO in the Next Few Months From Google's Matt CuttsVIDEO TRANSCRIPTION MATT CUTTS: “Hey ... Read more