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Search Engine Marketing Part 2 – How To Write Better Ad Copy

If you want your product or service to reach the minds of the general audience, then online advertising is one of the most vital steps your business must take. With the degree of internet usage in the current year, online advertising is indispensable. But, that also means other organizations will be imposing advertisements as well. ... Read more

Search Engine Marketing Part 1 – How To Improve Your Google Ad Quality Score

Part 1 – How to Improve your Google Ad Quality ScoreAn easy way to understand how an Ad or a website is working is to check the contents quality score. A quality score lets the user know about the reach of the content, how relevant the keywords are and how well the campaign is working. ... Read more

Keyword Research in 2019 – What’s New & Different?

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2019 is a technical, analytical and somewhat creative process to improve the online visibility of a website in search engines. The primary function of SEO is to drive more unpaid organic traffic to a site that converts into more leads and sales.The art of SEO really lies in understanding how ... Read more

All The SEO You Need From Google For 2019

 Here is a wonderful guide from the search team at Google. As I was reviewing it, I thought it really represents a phenomenal guide for any web owner from beginner to expert. So below is Google’s guide for webmasters who want to incorporate and practice white hat SEO practices according to Google’s advice. So please ... Read more

Measuring ROI with Google Analytics

Your website is a critical part of your overall marketing & advertising efforts. As we all know and hear a lot, it is imperative that we calculate the ROI of our websites to better meet the goals of our businesses, and so that we can simply measure our results. The reality is that for many ... Read more