Local SEO Overview

Local customers are searching for your business’ products and services online all the time, but are you being found? Is your business on the first page of Google or the second? The formula for successful local SEO and a great local search rank on Google includes a host of tactics like business listings, attaining customer reviews, great content, internal and external links, and of course the location of where the searcher is searching from or proximity.

Even the best brands need some help navigating how to tackle these local SEO tactics and strategies. With the right local SEO strategies in place, you can build citations, boost your ranking, and effectively manage your business’ online presence, so you can attract more customers in your door to ramp your growth.


Some Local SEO Data:

72% of consumers who did a local search on a smartphone visited a store within 5 miles
Source: Google

30% of mobile searches are related to a location
Source: Google

28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase
Source: Google


Is Local SEO easier?

One thing that local SEO has as an advantage is that you typically have less competition (than national SEO for example). It simply will be easier for your business to rank higher in Boston, than to rank nationally for your top keyword phrases. Still, as long as your local competition is more than 20-30 other businesses you might not get page one results by doing nothing. In Boston, for example, a lot of businesses will benefit from ranking for “your company name Boston” or “Boston your company name” to get faster results.

Often competition for these local terms is less and there is a fair chance that it is also less strong, which will give you an advantage of ranking your business website quicker for those local say Boston terms, than national ones. At the same time, you can work on building up your website for the long haul with some national SEO ranking tactics, but just remember that it will take much much longer and will require a tremendous amount of effort to reach page one for bigger head terms. This is why we highly recommend that local and regional businesses focus on local SEO tactics to improve their local search rank in Google. It just makes more sense strategically and from a budget standpoint too. To illustrate how competitive ranking nationally for certain keyword phrases is, let’s look at some sample keyword search data which shows monthly search volume. We will compare data from Boston & for the whole of the United States for terms “local seo services”.


Local SEO Keyword Research Example for Boston Location:

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volume
local seo10100
moz local10100
local seo company10100
local seo services10100
local seo agency10100
local seo boston10100
local search engine marketing10100
google local seo10100
local business seo10100
local search marketing services10100
google local search10100
local search marketing10100
moz local seo10100
local search seo10100
local search engine marketing services10100
moz local pricing10100
local seo 201810100
local seo strategy10100
local search engine10100
local search marketing agency10100
local seo 201910100
local search engine optimization services10100
local search engine optimization10100
local seo marketing10100
local search google10100
local seo for businesses10100
local seo for small business10100
moz local search10100
google local search results10100
google my business local seo10100
google my business optimization 201810100
local seo firm10100
top local seo company10100
local seo service provider10100
local seo services for small business10100
best local search engine10100
local search results google10100
moz local business10100
local seo boston marketing010
local seo rank tips010
boston local seo services010
google local optimization010
best local seo company010
best local seo services010
local seo company pricing010
local search company010
local seo company near me010
local search optimisation010
local seo costs010
google local search seo010
local search business010
local search sites010
seo local results010
seo for local business 2018010
google local search engine010
google local search marketing010
seo strategy for local business010
local small business seo010
local seo services for businesses010
local search engine marketing company010
google my business to optimize for local search010
best local seo firm010
local business seo services010
boost local seo010
local seo marketing company010
seo local010
improve local seo010
local seo ranking010
google local business optimization010
google local search ranking010
local seo marketing agency010
local seo marketing services010
local search engine optimisation services010
moz google my business010
increase local seo010
local search results010
best local seo010
seo for google my business010
local search engine website010
local search marketing strategy010
local business search engine marketing010
google local optimisation010
local seo optimization provider010
local seo pricing010
local seo near me010
google local search optimization010
google local business seo010
local seo online marketing company010
local search engine optimisation010
local seo services pricing010
local seo content010
local seo optimization010
google seo local010
local seo pages010
top local seo010
local seo optimization services010
local google search engine010
local search optimization services010
google local seo service010
local seo website010
local business optimization010
local seo results010
top local seo expert010
local search engine optimization company010
local on page seo010
my local seo010
best local seo agency010
local search marketing company010
local seo services company010
seo services for local business010
best local seo company for google010
local search agency010
search engine optimization for local business010
local search seo services010
local seo optimisation010
Keyword Stats 2019-07-01 at 07_45_44
June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019



Search Term Data for “Local SEO Services” United States:

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volume
local seo services1,00010,000
local seo1,00010,000
moz local1,00010,000
local seo company1,00010,000
local seo solutions1,00010,000
seo local1001,000
local search engine optimization1001,000
local seo packages1001,000
local seo expert1001,000
local business seo1001,000
local seo marketing1001,000
google maps seo1001,000
local search marketing1001,000
google local seo1001,000
affordable local seo services1001,000
local seo agency1001,000
moz local pricing1001,000
local search seo1001,000
best local seo company1001,000
local search engine optimization services1001,000
local seo consultant1001,000
local seo audit1001,000
local search engine marketing1001,000
google local search1001,000
local seo strategy1001,000
yoast local seo1001,000
local search company1001,000
moz local seo1001,000
local seo 20181001,000
google maps ranking1001,000
brightlocal local search1001,000
local seo marketing company1001,000
local seo for small business1001,000
local seo ranking1001,000
local ranking1001,000
local search engine10100
google my business ranking10100
local seo specialist10100
best local seo10100
moz local search10100
google local search ads10100
local search google10100
local search engine optimization company10100
local search engine optimisation10100
local seo pricing10100
best local seo services10100
local search volume10100
local seo keyword10100
white label local seo10100
local 3 pack10100
local seo optimization10100
local seo reseller10100
local seo 201910100
google possum10100
local seo services company10100
top local seo company10100
local search results10100
local seo for lawyers10100
local search rankings10100
local business seo services10100
local seo firm10100
local search engine rankings10100
local seo pro10100
local search marketing services10100
google places ranking10100
yoast local10100
local seo near me10100
affordable local seo10100
local seo analysis10100
google local ranking10100
hyper local seo10100
local seo company near me10100
seo business listings10100
google places optimization10100
local maps seo10100
brightlocal search10100
local seo for dentists10100
google 3 pack ranking10100
seo services for local business10100
yext seo10100
google local business seo10100
local search optimization services10100
google local 3 pack10100
local search marketing company10100
local seo services pricing10100
local seo for contractors10100
bright local search results10100
local seo for businesses10100
local seo costs10100
local seo marketing services10100
local seo for restaurants10100
mobile local seo10100
google my business local seo10100
white label local seo services10100
local search mobile10100
rank higher on google maps10100
google maps 3 pack10100
google local search results10100
semrush local seo10100
local maps optimization10100
improve local seo10100
local search engine marketing services10100
local business optimization10100
seo for google my business10100
local seo management10100
local seo news10100
local seo for plumbers10100
local pack seo10100
local seo wordpress10100
local keyword10100
reach local seo10100
local seo 201710100
my local seo10100
automated local seo10100
local search business10100
local search agency10100
hoth local10100
local seo services for businesses10100
moz local alternatives10100
local seo marketing agency10100
local search expert10100
local seo tracking10100
ahrefs local seo10100
google local business results ranking10100
local seo package pricing10100
best local seo agency10100
city specific landing pages10100
local pack google10100
google my business optimization 201810100
local seo optimization services10100
bright local seo10100
seo google maps ranking10100
the best local seo company10100
local business seo packages10100
google local listing seo10100
local search management10100
moz local score10100
local seo service provider10100
best local seo company for google10100
google local optimization10100
google local listing optimization10100
seo for multiple cities10100
local seo for real estate10100
local search marketing expert10100
moz google my business10100
maps search optimization10100
local seo google maps10100
top local seo expert10100
service area business seo10100
local seo leads10100
seo for local business 201810100
local search audit10100
seo rank my business10100
semrush local10100
google local optimisation10100
local seo results10100
improve google my business ranking10100
moz local check10100
google places optimisation10100
local seo landing page10100
local seo services for small business10100
google my business and seo10100
local search marketing agency10100
local backlinks10100
google local search optimization10100
local seo content10100
local seo pricing packages10100
google local search engine10100
local search engine marketing company10100
google local seo service10100
local search seo services10100
local small business seo10100
cheap local seo10100
local listing optimization10100
local seo optimization provider10100
improve your local ranking on google10100
yext local seo10100
google maps seo tips10100
local keyword search10100
local seo campaign10100
local seo reddit10100
local seo company pricing10100
the hoth local10100
real estate local seo10100
local seo search inc10100
increase local seo10100
local seo company india10100
boost local seo10100
seo for local visibility10100
google local search marketing10100
seo local results10100
local keyword rankings10100
google maps and seo10100
chase reiner local seo10100
backlinko local seo10100
local business search engine marketing10100
whitespark local seo10100
google local business listings seo10100
seo local pack10100
seo for service area business10100
local seo lead generation10100
local seo pages10100
fast local seo10100
selling seo services to local businesses10100
local search sites10100
local falcon seo10100
local search results google10100
google 3 pack seo10100
local google search engine10100
local business ranking10100
local business landing page10100
best local search engine10100
local seo 10110100
local search marketing strategy10100
mozcon local10100
local search engine website10100
local seo 3 pack10100
top local seo10100
ranking in google 3 pack10100
moz local business10100
local search visibility10100
google maps seo optimization10100
local seo website10100
best local seo firm10100
local listing seo service10100
google maps local search10100
local seo backlinko10100
local organic seo10100
google local maps optimization10100
search engine optimization for local business10100
local 3 pack seo10100
local search engine optimisation services10100
udemy local seo10100
duplicate content local seo10100
hubspot local seo10100
local seo semrush10100
local search optimisation10100
google local business optimization10100
google my business to optimize for local search10100
local seo optimisation10100
local on page seo10100
seo google maps listing10100
greg gifford local seo10100
google seo local10100
local seo online marketing company10100
aggressive local seo10100
google local search seo10100
google local search ranking10100
local seo for woocommerce10100
local seo links10100
google maps seo 201810100
seo strategy for local business10100
google places seo services10100
local business listing in seo10100
put your business on bing10100
local seo rank tips010
Keyword Stats 2019-07-01 at 07_56_45
June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019