Auctus Marketing

Andromeda District

Auctus Marketing has been a real pleasure to work with from day one. We’ve been so impressed with their knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. As a small green business owner my focus is on selling my products and services to my customers and I just don’t have time to understand SEO or digital marketing ... Read more

Preferred Residential

Christian is one of the most intelligent, creative and technically proficient individuals I have ever worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of digital marketing, web site design, coding and implementation as well as SEO search essentials. He designed several templates for us to choose from in our digital marketing efforts and consulted ... Read more

Co-Founder Of

Christian began working on a three-month project with us in August 2012, to revamp our website, improve our search engine rank + SEO strategy, and improve our overall online marketing strategy. From the very beginning, Christian thought outside the box, consistently stepping back to see the big picture and address that rather merely fine ... Read more

Co-Founder Of

Christian helped us define and articulate a community engagement strategy. His online marketing & SEO background and expertise in previous start ups was a real asset. One of the most important things a consultant to a new company can have is a real understanding what the implications are of having limited resources. Christian's experience was ... Read more

Executive Director, CYCLE Kids, Inc

Christian stepped in for a few months during the summer of 2011 to assist CYCLE Kids in the revamping of our website, SEO strategy, and to help market our annual fall event. His help was invaluable and came along at a time when we were short of staff and in need of a professional with ... Read more